Adapt or Adopt

What Is Adoption (Tech Wise)?

To put it simply, adoption is the process of accepting and integrating new technologies into an organizations structure, systems, processes and workflows. The term “adoption” within the Power Platform can refer to two adoption strategies I like to call:

  • Platform Adoption
  • Solution Adoption


Platform Adoption

This strategy is specifically designed to assist organizations adopt the concept and infrastructure of the Power Platform. In essence, this would be the adoption path used if a business were to decide they want to incorporate the Power Platform ecosystem into their infrastructure and build a team around maintaining and developing this platform. The purpose of this adoption strategy is to introduce the platform to your stakeholders, teams and employees as a proven platform to grow workflows and processes. With this strategy, your focus will be on identifying where the platform fits in, how you introduce the platform to stakeholders, what a success criterion looks like, and how you plan to get buy in from your users whilst dealing with expected pushback. During the adoption period, you’ll slowly start to identity and place responsibility amongst users.


Solution Adoption

Adopting solutions is very different from Platform Adoption. Where Platform Adoption mostly refers to building your own Power Platform infrastructure, adopting solutions focuses more on implementing pre-built platform solutions either publicly available or custom built through providers. In these cases, organizations have few internal members that manage the orgs tenant, licenses and permissions or they tend to outsource this type of management to 3rd party providers. When it comes to adopting solutions, the organization is primarily focused on implementing a designed process into their existing ecosystem with intend of removing redundancies and increasing efficiencies. The goal is to implement a new process and adopt existing users to utilize the new solution through training and workshops as effectively and quickly as possible.


What’s Next?

The aim of this blog series is to help you build a Power Platform adoption plan in line with the two fore-mentioned strategies, depending on which route you wish to take. I’ll be discussing various topics within each strategy to help you gain a clearer image of what concepts and components should be considered for a successful Power Platform adoption.

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